March Madness

Let't talk some common names! It's the end of our first year, and we are gonna have a little fun with a March Madness bracketology of common names of ...View Details

Season 4 is winding down, and Steve decided to mix it up and not talk about a bird. Steve has a couple Modelo Especial's while Greg enjoys The Botanis...View Details

The guys talk about the largest sandpiper in North America - the Long-Billed Curlew. "But what are they drinking?" you ask? Steve steps it up with BOT...View Details

In this episode the guys have a West Coast theme with the Sooty Grouse and Frank Oz. Steve stays on point with a few glasses of Old Grouse Scotch and ...View Details

Did you know that Heckle & Jeckle are magpies? Well, you do now. Steve enjoys 100 proof Old Tub Bourbon, and Greg sticks with his favorite, Miller...View Details

The guys are back with their first listener request - the Secretary Bird. (The Payne Stewart of birds.) Steve enjoys an IIPA from Knee Deep Brewing, a...View Details

Sora & Pulp Fiction

To get ready for this episode, Steve starts with some Tin Cup Whiskey, and Greg has a shot of Jaegermeister with an ice-cold Miller Lite. They guys ta...View Details

As Steve says: Best. Episode. Ever. In this episode, the guys have a new theme - Westerns. Steve has a few glasses of Campion Tequila, while Greg star...View Details

Today, the guys talk about a bird with a very unique feature - The Red Crossbill. But... "What are they drinking?" you ask. Steve heads back to a Mill...View Details

Welcome to Winter, Everyone! Which also means - welcome to Season 4 of Bird Brag. In this episode, they guys talk about the Himalayan Snowcock, and th...View Details

Steve enjoys a nice tumbler of Icelandic vodka over ice, while Greg has "Old Trusty" - Miller Lite. And to stick with the Iceland theme, we learn abou...View Details

Sup, Sap! Welcome to Bird Brag's 2020 Thanksgiving episode. Steve enjoys a couple of Modelo Especials while Greg has a Suntory Toki on the rocks. They...View Details

The guys are back with their first episode of Season 3 - Fall 2020. Steven enjoys a nice tumbler of Knob Creek on the rocks, while Greg goes back to "...View Details

Steve & Greg discuss California's State Fish, while the guys have a little Aviation Gin and Miller Lites. And... if you like Alanis Morissette, yo...View Details

Get your booze ready, cause today's podcast is also a drinking game. Greg enjoys a Montucky Cold Snack while Steve throws back a Miller Lite as the gu...View Details

It's Greg's birthday, and the guys are floating in a very special part of the Beardsley Reservoir 

This episode is shortened sweet. Recorded live from the middle of Pinecrest Lake on August 7, 2020. Enjoy.

Hello, Montucky! We love you. Larry's Goldfinch takes center stage. Steve & Greg talk a lil PGA Championship and how winter comes to San Francisco...View Details

Montucky! Montucky!! Montucky!!! It's Greg & Steve's first all Montucky Cold Snack episode. The guys talk about a WCOG (West Coast Original Gansta...View Details

Greg enjoys a Stoli martini, while Steve has a 12oz. Montucky Cold Snack as Bird Brag discusses their first mammal. (Greg learns what a mammal is.) Th...View Details

Welcome to Bird Brag, everybody. Today, Steve & Greg are talking about their first warbler. (Why it took so long, nobody knows.) The also talk som...View Details

The guys get comfortable with a couple of Miller Lites and talk about Kinglets. Steve & Greg are still looking for a beer sponsor - pssst, Montuck...View Details

Steve & Greg discuss the Horned Grebe. To get back to some sense of normalcy, Steve goes back to our favorite - Miller Lite, while Greg tried a sp...View Details

Welcome to our first duck episode. But what's to drink?... Greg sticks with the tried and true Miller Lite, while Steve enjoys a Breaking Bud IPA (not...View Details

In this episode, Steve & Greg mix it up - it's time to talk about fish again. Specifically, the Dorado. The guys show some love for Miller Lite, b...View Details

Steve & Greg continue Season 2 with their tribute to the Golden Hour of Summer. Steve enjoys a Montucky Lager and Greg has a Hidden Trail from Wil...View Details

Welcome to Summer and Season 2 of Bird Brag! Birds AND Birdies. Steve & Greg welcome you to a new season and a new focus - the golden hour of summ...View Details

Steve & Greg discuss the Common Nighthawk (which really isn't a hawk) while the enjoy a couple for frosty beers - a Longboard for Steve, and a Per...View Details

Steve & Greg have a special episode for you. Bird Brag becomes an avian game show, of sorts. (Of course, shots were had) We have a winner in the B...View Details

Steve & Greg discuss the "dumb" Lark Sparrow. Steve has his trusty Miller Lite, and Greg makes the questionable choice of Crystal Skull Vodka over...View Details

Steve & Greg discuss one badass lil guy - the Water Ouzel. They also discuss what the world will soon look like as quarantine and social distancin...View Details

While the guys enjoy a couple of exotic beers, they discuss dragon flies, Starship Troopers, Barry White, The Simpsons and a little baseball. #commong...View Details

The guys discuss the Cactus Wren (which are NOT found in Australia) while Steven enjoys another Roku Gin, and Greg sips on a Gentleman Jack on the roc...View Details

In this special episode of Bird Brag, while Greg is recording safe from home, Steve is in the wild, reporting remotely in the field. Steve has a trust...View Details

Steve & Greg's "biggest" discussion to date - the American White Pelican. Steve also surprises Greg with gin from Japan, Greg enjoys some Basil Ha...View Details

Steve & Greg discuss the Common/European Starling while enjoying a couple of "exotic" beers - Snow Leopard Pilsner from the Waterman Brewing Co an...View Details

Bushtits and It’s Its!

In this episode, Steve describes a "diminutive" little guy - the Bushtit - while they both enjoy Greg's favorite beverage - Miller Lite. They also dis...View Details

Welcome to a special episode of Bird Brag. Greg is visiting his brother Dave at his cabin in Mi-Wuk in the California foothills near Sonora. Steve des...View Details

Steve & Greg discuss the Black Chined Hummingbird, because... who doesn't love hummingbirds? They also discuss working out through quarantine and ...View Details

Steve tells Greg about the Great Basin Collared Lizard. The guys also discuss Seinfeld's new comedy special, Ricky Gervais' After Life, and the sad fa...View Details

In this episode, Steve & Greg discuss the Black Phoebe, Michael Jordan's The Last Dance and how Bulleit (the dog, not the bourbon) can annoy Greg ...View Details

In episode 2, Steve and Greg are already bored with birds, so they decide to talk about fish - specifically Pike Minnows

Welcome to Bird Brag. Where you can put that bird brag in your bird bag.In our debut episode, Steve & Greg discuss Swainson's Hawk and dip th...View Details

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